March 17-18, 2021 | #MYRB2021


*All Times Listed Below are Eastern Time.
*Session topics, days, and times are subject to change.
*All Sessions qualify for NARI CEU Credits

Day One - 3/17/21
Day Two - 3/18/21

Welcome & Introductions

Remodelers Advantage President and “Chief Inspiration Officer,” Victoria Downing, brings her high-energy style to kick things off, introduces the line-up for the day and presents any additional information you might need to know before we get started.
Victoria Downing

Being the GPS for Your Business

Learn how setting your long-term goals, mapping out your plan and linking it to your financials can give you the information you need to drive your business in the right direction each and every day.
Doug Howard

Website Punchlist: A Live Blue-Tape Experience

Join Mark and his roll of blue tape as he finds the good, the bad, and the ugly of attendee websites. Not only will you get insights from the perspective of both a conversion expert and a first-time visitor, you’ll also see the practical application of those insights in real time. Whether you want to...
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Mark Harari

Sales to Production Handoff

Communication is the key to many successful systems and even more so in this vital step in the construction project.  The Sales to Production Handoff Process is about communicating FROM sales TO production key information so the construction project will be a success.  However, being constructors at heart we often focus on the parts that intrigue us...
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Tim Faller

Can You See The Future?

One of the biggest mistakes we make in sales is creating a situation where we have to “follow up” with prospects.  This is where we run into “ghosting”, create longer sales cycles and ultimately end up frustrated with our lack of progress after a “great meeting.”  Learn to create your own crystal ball using a...
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Jeff Borovitz

Virtual Gathering Happy Hour

At the end of Day 1, we will gather for a virtual Happy Hour and announce the winners of some of our door prizes and give-aways.
Victoria Downing

Budgeting: Your Path to Your 5-Year Destination

This session will look at a step-by-step method for using budgeting to identify your “growth destination” for 5 years from now, and how to allocate your time, staffing and finances to make it more likely you will get there.
Doug Howard

Delegation: How to Get Your Employees to Think and Act as Owners

Delegation can be the most important tool a business owner can use to grow and add value to his/her business. The ability to properly delegate is most times overlooked as the key attribute of a successful business owner manager, or leader. Steve will discuss the importance of delegation and will define and outline the three...
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Steve Wheeler

Five Stages of Growth: Where are You Now and Where to Go Next?

Every company goes through five predictable stages of growth and the rules and guidelines apply to every company – no skipping a step! Your current location on the growth ladder predicts the obstacles you’ll overcome as you grow into the next stage. . . whether the obstacles include improving management skills, truly understanding smart financial...
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Judith Miller

How to stand out, attract the best clients, and win every sale that comes your way

Every sale is won or lost on your answer to one simple question: Why should I choose you? The problem is that you can’t just tell them. Prospects need to conclude it on their own. What’s worse, they start building the case (for or against you) from the moment they become aware of your existence....
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Mark Harari


Capture the genius of the most powerful minds in the industry — your peers. It’s fast, it’s effective and your participation is required in this interactive and innovative session. Led by Remodelers Advantage team member, Rose Grabowski, this program will provide you with the opportunity to receive customized input to your company’s your most burning...
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Rose Grabowski, CRA